Twitter hashtag tracking

Twitter hashtag tracking

Social Report Team Mar 02 • 3 • Announcements

You can now track any Twitter hashtags using Social Report. Simply add them to your report and we’ll do the rest:

  • Download hashtag historical performance.
  • Track each and every occurrence of hashtag.
  • Email you hashtag performance daily.
  • Hashtag dashboard allows you to efficiently manage hashtag analytics.
Here is a sample report – here we are tracking 3 hashtags: #socialreport, #smm, #socialmedia.
Twitter Hashtag Tracking

Google+ Analytics are here! : Social Report Support


Google+ Analytics are here!

Social Report Team
posted this on Mar 13 02:51

Google+ Analytics are now available from your Social Report dashboard. Here is what we have for you:

  • Tracking personal profiles as well as pages.
  • Tracking +1 activity
  • Tracking comments
  • Tracking sharing
  • Plotting +1ner demographics
  • Plotting geography
  • Figuring out top organizations and schools of your +1ners and sharers.
  • Indexing conversations.
  • and more…

Here are a few screens captures from a live Google+ dashboard. Note that this is just one page of total 6 Google+ dashboard views.