28 Jul 2012 inShare1 [Pin It] 45 New Tools and Services for Web Designers and Developers 45 New Tools and Services for Web Designers and Developers

Web developers should always be abreast of the latest news. And to make their work easier and to help in saving their time a lot of talented web developers from all around the world always try to bring some new decisions and tools. To your attention, we would like to showcase some fresh timesaving tools among which you’ll find useful services, resources, generators and frameworks that you might find very interesting.




Nokia свернула производство телефонов в Финляндии

Завод по производству мобильных телефонов компании Nokiaв городе Сало, Финляндия, прекратит работу в сентябре 2012 года, пишет финское издание Yle.

Завод, который сейчас является единственной производственной площадкой Nokia в Финляндии, выпустил последний аппарат в среду, 25 июля. Финляндия считается родиной Nokia; в финском городе Эспоо находится штаб-квартира компании.

Software giant …

Software giant Microsoft appears to have gone on the offensive against the Free Software Federation.

The Volish “reputation” database apparently thinks that donate.fsf.org is a gambling site and if you give money to open saucers you are giving the cash for loose women, cards, and other things which are against the morals of a more puritan Redmond.

The Free Software Federation is an independently audited registered nonprofit public-interest charity founded almost 30 years ago. And the worst that its weirdie beardie members have ever done are ceremonially taking the Nintendo out of Microsoft at any opportunity.

Many works of s…

Many works of science fiction have imagined robots that could interact directly with people to provide entertainment, services or even health care. Robotics is now at a stage where some of these ideas can be realized, but it remains difficult to make robots easy to operate.

One option is to train robots to recognize and respond to human gestures. In practice, however, this is difficult because a simple gesture such as waving a hand may appear very different between different people. Designers must develop intelligent computer algorithms that can be ‘trained’ to identify general patterns of motion and relate them correctly to individual commands.


An attempt by O…

An attempt by Oracle to stop the sale of secondhand licences on software downloaded over the internet was rejected today by the community’s highest court.

European Union Flag

The court’s ruling hinges on the EU
directive on the legal protection OF
of computer programs.
Image by Dimitar Nikolov

In its judgment today, the Court of Justice of the European Union decided that the author of software “cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences allowing the use of his programs downloaded from the internet. The exclusive right of distribution of a copy of a computer program covered by such a licence is exhausted on its first sale”.

The ruling comes in proceedings brought by Oracle against a German company called UsedSoft, which, in contravention of licence agreements, resold licences acquired from Oracle customers. Oracle gives the customer a “non-transferable user right for an unlimited period, exclusively for his internal business purpose,” The Court of Justice writes.

The court’s ruling hinges on the EU directive on the legal protection of computer programs, which introduces the principle of exhaustion of distribution right after first sale. Oracle argued that this does not apply to user licences downloaded from the internet.

The Court rejected this claim, judging that the principle of exhaustion holds good for downloads as well as for copies distributed by CD-ROM or DVD. As with physical media, the owners of downloaded software must destroy their copies after selling to a third party, the Court ruled. Also, owners are not allowed to split multi-seat licences for resale in smaller units

This is a sensible judgment, but does not have major ramifications for the software industry. The Court is merely reinforcing the right to sell secondhand software licences within the EU.

Thermaltake add…

Thermaltake adds to its Tt eSports line the new Black Element Cyclone Edition, which is the world’s first gaming mouse with fan cooling design. The new mouse has an ergonomic body curve and features industrial grade rubber-coating finish for better hand grip. to ensure firm and steady mouse gripping. It features customizable weight-in design with a total 22.5g weight, allowing users to adjust the weight for best comfort.

Thermaltake Tt eSports Black Element Cyclone Edition Gaming Mouse with Fan 1