After 23 years, Steven Sinofsky quits Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky has left Microsoft after nearly 23 years getting the outfit stonkingly good results.

Sinofsky is the Windows division president and his exit after the release of Windows 8 has tongues wagging.

Sinofsky developmed two versions of Microsoft’s flagship product, the 2009 release of Windows 7 and last month’s launch of Windows 8.

He was also tipped to replace Steve Ballmer if the CEO met with an unfortunate accident.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, Sinofsky was not well loved by his fellow voles and was unlikely to have been able to herd them in the way that Ballmer somehow manages them.

Voles who talked to the Journal around the coffee machine claimed that Windows 7 and 8 were created by him running roughshod over some employees and executives.

He had a small court of executives who did his bidding and never formed relationships with crucial Microsoft partners such as hardware makers, they claimed.

Externally he was the master of the unilateral decision, which hacked off his fellow voles, Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC told the Journal.

Ballmer wrote an email saying he was grateful for the many years of work that Steven has contributed to the company. He added that there was a need for the company to “drive alignment across all Microsoft teams”.

Sinofsky replied that it was impossible to count the blessings he had received over his years at Microsoft. Although it is possible that he had no blessings as this would be a figure that is hard to count.

Sinofsky’s job will be taken up by his two loyal lieutenants. There is Julie Larson-Green, an engineering executive who worked with Sinofsky in two different Microsoft divisions, and Tami Reller, the Windows division marketing chief and chief financial officer.

Green will lead engineering efforts for Windows software and hardware, while Reller will be responsible for the business side of the Windows division. 


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