This Google Now commercial almost made me buy a Nexus 4 last night Read more at

The Nexus 4 slipped through my hands, despite hundreds of failed attempts at purchasing the phone from Google Play, which couldn’t keep up with the demand of customers when the device first went on sale. Disappointed from a terrible retail experience, I gave up on the Nexus 4 – which was on backorder for 8 weeks at the time – and bought an iPhone 5.

While there are some things that I really like about the iPhone, I still prefer Android devices, and I keep a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Note II to keep me happy. I completely put the Nexus 4 out of my mind until a new advertisement that aired during last nights Grammy Awards reminded me of my personal favorite feature of Android, Google Now.

Google Now is the product I miss most on days when I use my iPhone 5. The commercial did a good job of highlighting Google Now’s value in relatable, real-world situations, and made me think about buying a Nexus 4 again. I’m hesitant to make a purchase this close to Mobile World Congress, where a slew of new phones will be announced, but I’m awfully tempted to go back to Android full-time thanks to this reminder.


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