Adobe Photoshop Touch comes to iPhone and Android smartphones

Adobe Photoshop is the most used graphic editing desktop app, and the new Adobe Photoshop Touch app for iPhone and Androids wants to bring the power of its graphic and photo editing to smartphones. Photoshop Touch has been available for tablets since 2011, but Adobe had not made the software available to smartphones until now. Android and iPhone users can now perform the following features with the app:

– Edit images that are 12 megapixels or fewer
– Add layers of multiple images and text
– Use Photoshop tools for selection and extraction, filters, and color adjustments
– Auto-sync images to Adobe Creative Cloud to store up to 2GB of content (free account, no paid subscription required)
– Use Scribble Selection uses a finger to trace to select portions of an image
– Add layers to the camera in real-time with Camera Fill

Photoshop Touch for tablets and smartphones have identical feature sets, according to Adobe, but not all options made the transition to the smaller screen. The app has been formatted to enable photo editing on a smaller device, but it can also be saved in Adobe Creative Cloud to enable further editing on a tablet or Photoshop CS6 on the desktop.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is available now for $4.99. It requires an Apple iPhone 4S or later running iOS 6 or later. The Android versions requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later.


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