Flickr and Vimeo to be integrated in Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 is rumored to be a dramatic departure from its current version, but a new report suggests that Apple is returning to a popular trick from previous versions by introducing new integration with two social media networks. According to a report published by 9to5Mac, Apple is set to introduce new connections with photo-sharing service Flickr and high-quality video sharing site Vimeo.

The report claims that Apple will follow a path similar to the one it took when it added Facebook and Twitter to iOS in order to enable faster sharing and single-tap sign-on. When someone snaps a photo with an iPhone, Flickr would be one of the options that appeared when that person tapped the search button. The same would occur when someone records a video.

In light of Flickr’s announcement yesterday that it will now supply 1 terabyte of storage to all users, the inclusion of Flickr into iOS could lead to great engagement on the website. The inclusion of Vimeo seems stranger because the Vimeo app is more about exploration of short films and high-quality videos. YouTube is already an option for sharing for smartphones, but it is more common to see videos recorded on a smartphone appear on YouTube than it is on Vimeo.

Apple is rumored to introduce wholesale changes in the iOS 7 user interface and experience, but the company has not finalized any plans for the new version of its operating system. 9to5Mac claims that its source says Apple plans to integrate Flickr and Vimeo into iOS 7, but the feature could be scrapped before iOS 7 is unveiled at WWDC next month.


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