HTC One has little impact on HTC’s recovery efforts as profits fall 83 percent

HTC’s flagging sales and increase the companies global revenues. HTC today reported its earnings for the second quarter of 2013 and revealed that its profits have increased, but the rise has been below expectations and performance in previous years.

HTC reported a profit of NT $1.25 billion (US $41.6 million) in the second quarter, an 83 percent decline compared to profits during the same period last year. Outside analysts had expected the company to make $70 to 89 million in profits, according to Bloomberg, but the company did not come close to reaching those estimates

Despite having its flagship smartphone available in most global major markets for the quarter, the HTC One has not proven popular enough to power HTC’s comeback. The phone arrived later than expected and was forced to go up against the heavily hyped Samsung Galaxy S 4 that has moved more than 20 million shipments worldwide. By comparison, leaked reports of HTC sales revealed that HTC had sold 5 million units as of last month.

With the HTC First being an embarrassing failure and the HTC One being a device loved by critics but not achieving mass success with consumers, HTC will have to do something quickly to improve sales. Rumors and leaked photos suggest that the company will release a smaller HTC One known as the HTC One Mini that may resonate with consumes who do not want a larger phone.


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