Sony becomes first manufacturer to confirm Android 4.3 plans

Following Google’s announcement of Android 4.3 yesterday, existing Android smartphone owners immediately began wondering when their phones would receive the software upgrade. HTC and Samsung would say only that they are evaluating Android 4.3 in order to see how it will fit into their product plans. In other words, the companies said they aren’t making any promises and won’t provide any timetable for when Galaxy S 4 or HTC One owners can expect to get an update notification.

Sony, on the other hand, has at least decided to ease some fears and confirm which devices will get Android 4.3. The company is still working to upgrade the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL to Android 4.2 in August but Sony says those phones will also be in line to get Android 4.3. Sony has confirmed that the following devices will receive Android 4.3 at an undisclosed date:

– Xperia Z
– Xperia ZL
– Xperia ZR
– Xperia Z Ultra
– Xperia Tablet Z
– Xperia SP


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