LG G2 hands-on and first impressions with HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4

The new LG G2 debuted today and it was hard to get excited about a product that has seen not only leaks but also official confirmations from its manufacturer weeks ahead of the official unveiling. At today’s global launch event for the LG G2 in New York City, excitement was in short order but there was still room for impressions.

Despite the leaks, the G2 makes one – a more than decent impression, after all. The phone joins the conga line of flagship Android smartphones that choose offer a big screen and a big body to go with it. The 5.02-inch IPS display is very attractive thanks to its 1080p HD and high levels of brightness. I held it next to an HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 for the sake of comparison, and the LG G2 had the most impressive of the three. Aside from the aforementioned brightness and great colors afforded by the IPS display structure, it also benefits from the very narrow bezel that permits the screen to be larger than average without making the device too much bigger than it needs to be.

LG also made a big impression with the hardware specifications, including the new 2.26 GHz quad-core processor that will likely inject a major boost in performance to the device. You can never really make reasonable analysis of a phone based on a pre-production model at a launch event, but snap judgment suggests this will be a snappy phone.

It might also be an awkward phone because of LG’s decision to move the volume keys and power button to the rear of the device. It’s a strange sensation to power on or controlling the features with my index finger in the middle of the back rather than the sides of the phone that they have rested for so many years. People who cup their phones along the edges may find it strange, especially given the size of the G2, to suddenly turn to the back o the device. People who naturally hold their index fingers along the back may be pleased. On the plus side, there are some utility features built into the software.

Here’s a hands-on video discussing the G2’s shape, materials, and more. Also include is a quick body comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One.


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