Twitter Android app now supports tablets – Samsung tablets

Twitter for Android tablets
Twitter for Android tablets


Twitter today revealed that it has developed an app for Android tablets that will finally make tweets showcase content in a format better suited for the bigger screen of Android tablets. The problem is that most Android tablet owners are still unable to use the app at the moment because only Samsung devices can access it.

The Twitter for Android Tablets app launches today with compatibility enabled only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition. Samsung has paid to have an exclusive on the app for the Note 10 and other devices until it arrives on other devices “by the end of the year.” For now, Google Nexus 7 owners and any other tablet not bearing the Samsung logo will be unable to see the following features:

– A landscape view that shows a stream of interesting tweets and Content on one panel and trending topics on the other when browsing the Discover section.

– Tap on a tweet loads content – photos, videos, or article snippets – on the right instead of on a new page

– A new widget that displays Twitter content and includes actions like marking items as favorites or retweets

– S-Pen friendly features to edit photos with drawing doddles and annotations over a photo from the gallery.

Twitter for Android tablets
Twitter for Android tablets

source: [Twitter]


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