Google Glass iPhone app debuts and disappears in App Store minutes later

Google Glass
Google Glass


Google Glass lets you search, make video calls, and take pictures without ever having to reach for your phone, but you still need to pair it with a phone. It looks like you’ll soon be able to pair it with an iPhone.

An iPhone version of MyGlass, the Glass companion app required to use the wearable computer, briefly appeared in the App Store today. The app was promptly removed because it may have been published prematurely. Jerry Hildebrand of Android Central managed to download the app before it was removed and snag a few screenshots. It appears that the app is on a different software version than his Google Glass unit, so the app was probably pulled to address connection issues between the phone and Glass.

Based on the photo he posted, MyGlass for iOS appears to offer the same features of browsing to discover apps, communicating with contacts, and managing Google Glass’s camera. One thing preventing people from getting Glass, aside from its price and difficulty being accepted into the program, has been that Glass depends on being connected to an Android device. Once the app reappears in the App Store, Google Glass will be useable by a larger portion of the population.


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