HTC One virtual buttons and possible launch date revealed

HTC M8 virtual buttons
HTC M8 virtual buttons


The HTC One follow-up is expected to be announced some time next month, and when it does, it may be the debut of the first ever HTC smartphone that uses only on-screen navigation buttons. Word of the virtual buttons first appeared last week with the suggestion that HTC would abandon its use of capacitive buttons for Google’s preferred method of using on-screen keys for back, home, and multitasking. A photo of the image was found by HTC Source and shows how the on-screen buttons might look.

Another HTC rumor to emerge over the weekend is that the HTC One successor, known as the M8 for now, will launch in late March. Tipster evleaks says that the M8 will be unveiled at an event in New York City next month. No other details have been released about the event, but if it proves to be the actual date of HTC’s next phone, it would likely replay last year’s challenging rollout of the HTC One being announced in the shadow of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s expected release window.



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