Google Maps now tells users when a faster route is available because of traffic

Unless you live in a city where traffic is perpetual and unavoidable – hello, Los Angeles – Google Maps has a new update that should make driving quick thanks to a new feature that reroutes the user when known traffic delays might make the current route undesirable.

Using a popular feature seen in Waze, the alternative mapping company Google acquired last year, Maps for iOS now offers a faster route when it detects that the current route leads to traffic. So if someone is heading down one highway that is backed up, Maps will offer traveling down a state road that’s a few miles farther but has flowing traffic to get the driver to the destination on time. An alert appears on-screen and asks the user if he or she wishes to continue on or accept the new route. Doing nothing will automatically decline the alternative.

Android users have had access to this feature since July 2013. Apple iPhone users can download the update from the App Store.



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