Sony closing Reader Store, migrating users to Kobo

Sony has one more piece of important programming news to go along with the announcement that it is selling its PC division and spinning off the TV unit to focus on mobile devices. The Sony Reader store that supported ereaders, tablets, and smartphones will soon be shutdown in the US and Canada. Americans and Canadians will no longer be able to download content from the Reader Store after March 20, 2014 at 6 pm ET.

In an effort to not completely leave customers in a lurch, Sony will work to transition customers to the Kobo Store. Customers will have a chance to download their existing titles from the Reader Store until March, and those who decide to use Kobo will be able to transfer their purchase history to the new store. Existing credits will also be transferable. Customers can continue to purchase and read eBooks from now until late March. Instructions will then point out how to move forward.

Unfortunately, only books will transfer. Highlights, bookmarks, annotations, wish lists, and periodical subscriptions will be lost when the switch happens. Sony plans to leave its Android and iOS apps operational post shutdown.

source: Sony


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