Google voice commands now knows who to call when saying “Call my wife”

When I tell Google Now to “Call Dad,” my Android phone is able to route the call only because my father is programmed into my phone as Dad. Now, you’ll be able to tell Google to call your dad, mom, wife, or husband and the app will be able to do that even if that person’s name is stored as Jim or Jennifer.

An update to Google makes it possible to assign titles to contacts. If someone says “Call my wife,” Google will then ask to apply that title to an existing contact for future reference. So subsequent requests of “Call My Wife” will automatically be recognized as the person marked Maria or Honey. You can also set the system up for other titles. When I told Google to text my brother, it asked me “Who is your brother?” and then let me select his name from my contacts. It also worked for “Boss.”

There’s no need to push another update through Google Play because to access this feature because it is done through the web and the Search update released last week. The iOS version of Google does not yet recognize relationships, but you could always use Siri for that purpose.



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