Samsung Galaxy S5 ad confirms waterproof feature

It’s been said in recent weeks that Samsung might make the Galaxy S5 waterproof. Samsung has made versions of the Galaxy S waterproof, but only on the Active line, not the primary S smartphone. A new trailer for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event appears to confirm those suspicions that the Galaxy S5 will be able to withstand water.

When you look at the 36-second teaser, Samsung shows people living active lifestyles while taking selfies, driving, and partying, and taking a few moments to relax. You’ll also see that in the early stages of the video, things slow down as a child slides across a Slip ‘N Slide with the word “Wet” on it. This is no accident. The message of the trailer tells you all of the things that the “Next Galaxy” can handle, so telling us that the phone is capable of withstanding water shows clear intentions.

Take a look at the video below and see what other activities Samsung plans to make Galaxy friendly. We’ll be on site for the next Galaxy’s debut on Monday, so stay tuned for more information.




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