HTC One “Duo Camera” leak explains why new phone has dual cameras

All New HTC One
All New HTC One


The HTC One introduced “Ultrapixels” as a way to score better photos in low-light conditions by increasing the size of pixels on a sensor rather than the number of pixels. The upcoming All New HTC One will try to change its photo approach once again by introducing Duo Camera, a camera that uses two lenses to provide more camera effects like refocusing and bokeh.

Yet another leak concerning the HTC One (M8), this time from a sales sheet at Telstra, mentions Duo Camera. A quick blurb states that the feature can:

“Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds, and add 3D effects.”

The text signals that HTC is once again embracing ultrapixels as the way to take great photos, but that’s mainly in the primary lens. The second camera will be able to capture the same scene in a different aspect, which allows for the post-capture editing. The “choose where to focus” line points to a Lytro-style option of being able to focus between a background or foreground, or perhaps focus on one area and blur the remainder of the photo. The “soften background” is about stylistically blurring the background and creating more depth.

The HTC One is set to make its public debut at dual press events in London and New York City on March 25. That’s where we’ll also get our first look at the dual camera, so we’ll have more examples and information on the device’s capabilities then.



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