Google Play Games adding gifts, new categories, and multiplayer to Android and iOS


Google Play Games is adding new features to encourage developers to incorporate GPG into their mobile games for Android and iOS, including the ability to support cross-platform multiplayer gaming. While Play Games introduced multiplayer for Android last year, iOS users did not have that option until now. Both turn-based and real-time games will be able to support interaction between Android and iOS players, making this an attractive option for developers whose games support both platforms.

The new “game gifts” will allow game players to send in-app objects to friends or others. Someone playing an adventure game can choose to send another player a coveted virtual object to use on a quest. The gifting menu is straightforward and lets users select players from someone’s Google+ circles that play the same game.

Google made these announcements ahead of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The post was removed from the Developers Blog (a full version appeared in my feed catcher) but the official announcement and more will appear throughout the week. The link will eventually appear here.



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