Pandora One subscription costs will go up in May


Pandora has announced that the costs of doing business have risen “exponentially” since it first began offering premium subscriptions in 2009, and as a result, it must raise prices for its ad-free Pandora One service. Citing a 53 percent increase in costs in the past five years, Pandora says it will increase the costs of its monthly premium listening package to $4.99 for new customers.

Current monthly customers who keep their accounts active will continue to pay $3.99. Annual subscribers who pay $36 per year will be moved to a $3.99 monthly package when their current subscription renews because Pandora is ending its annual plans. What once cost $36 will cost $59.88 as a result of the price shift, but it’s necessary for Pandora to raise prices in light of rising cost of paying royalties for streaming music on its service.

The new rates go into effect in May, so anyone thinking of getting a premium Pandora subscription has six weeks to lock in the smaller price today.



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