Aereo to deliver Chromecast live TV app May 29

Aereo, the company that uses antennas and cloud-based DVR systems to broadcast or record live television, has announced a start date for when it will support Google Chromecast. The company says that it will update its Android app to support streaming live television on May 29, allowing subscribers in select cities to view or manage recordings on mobile, desktop, or a TV. Aereo already lets Android users view over the air transmissions from local networks for $8 per month, but this move will let them stream content to the television rather than a mobile device. The announcement makes no mention of any version of the app other than Android supporting Chromecast.

It’s worth mentioning that Aereo is currently in court fighting network attempts to ban the service. Local networks claim that Aereo is illegally broadcasting their content but the company counters that because its devices include antennas and are not public performances, the service is legal. Lower courts have agreed with Aereo. The Supreme Court will hear arguments from both sides later this month.


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