Samsung Launches Design Website

Samsung’s Design Website

Samsung Electronics Co.005930.SE +0.58% wants you to know that it is more than a maker of commodity hardware devices.

And to make the case, it is launching a new website  to highlight its emphasis on design, inspiration and creative processes — buzzwords that the company is increasingly turning to as smartphones around the world converge on a common look: sleek, black and rectangular.

The new website — which, it should be noted, looks very slick — puts the company’s mobile products side by side with philosophical musings on inspiration and design, “meaningful design stories” and interactive features on Samsung displays at various art and design exhibitions.

In showcasing the design that goes into its smartphones, refrigerators, washer-dryers and flat screen televisions, Samsung is making the case that it is “a design powerhouse“, if an under appreciated one. Last year, the company picked up 825 design awards, it says.

There may be another motivation driving the company’s design focus, though it goes unmentioned on Samsung’s new website: this week marks the three-year anniversary of Apple’s federal complaint in U.S. District Court of Northern California, alleging that Samsung “slavishly” copied Apple‘sAAPL +1.14% iPhone and iPad design.

That trial, of course, shows no signs of abating.



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