Apple steals away one of Nokia’s camera experts

Nokia struggled mightily to attract new customers once it made the switch to Windows Phone, but one area the company never had trouble gaining praise or attention was smartphone photography. One of the men responsible for that solid track record will be leaving the company to join Apple.

Ari Partinen has announced that today is his last day at Nokia. The senior Lumia Engineer tweeted that he will “start a new chapter in Cupertino” and then confirmed that he will begin working at Apple in June. Partinen has worked at Nokia for several years and was part of the team that developed the well-received PureView oversampling technology. Rather than join Microsoft after the sale of Nokia’s handset division, Partinen has chosen to move to Apple.

Apple already receives praise for its camera technology but like any smart business, it welcomes new talent whenever possible. The impact of Partinen’s involvement won’t be felt any time soon, but his years of experience could help further enhance the photographic capabilities of future Apple iPhones and iPads.


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