Google+ adds new Stories albums and new photo options

Google+ users might notice several new changes to the social network today, including a number of changes for the way Google treats photos and videos in Android and on the web. Today, Google launched Google+ Stories, a new way of browsing photo albums auto-generated by the Google+ Auto Awesome feature. Stories work by taking all of the images backed-up to Photos and then grouping them according to an event. Rather than have all the images from one day in Paris, it will group the images from a trip to Paris and then create an album that reflects the trip. Stories pulls out photos that might be out of focus or duplicates, and then presents a chronological view of the trip. That includes a few photos from the airport, videos from the hotel, pictures by the pool, trips to landmarks, and the return trip home. You can see an example of Stories here.

Several other media changes were introduced into the new Google+ app. Auto Awesome Movies, which groups multiple video clips into one edited clip with filters, is now available to show highlights on Android, iOS, and the web. Users can combine a series of photos to create an animated GIFs through Motion or Mix, a pencil icon makes it easier to share, large libraries can be accessed in less time, and entire photo libraries and highlights are browsable by date.

The update is rolling out for download in the Google Play Store now and should be available to everyone shortly. An iOS version of the new Stories feature will arrive at a later date.



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