Google tweet offers slight hint of Nexus 6

Google’s I/O developer conference is just around the corner, and speculation is mounting that the company may launch a new smartphone at the event. Apple may not like product launches at WWDC, but Google has no problem letting a new device or service land at I/O. So, with that in mind, the tech community is generally on a stronger footing when debating what products to expect at the conference.

It also helps when Google adds its own subtle hints into the mix, just like the company did with a recent tweet. The actual message was innocent enough, a tweet to highlight the ingredients feature in Google’s search engine, however the image that landed with it was far from innocent. The photo in question features a handset that has never previously before been seen. Of course, this has led smartphone fans in to a meltdown, especially those who are fanboys of Google’s Nexus range of handsets. This image, they say, is clear evidence that the Nexus 6 is going to be announced at Google I/O when the conference begins June 25th. Here at Mobile Burn we are little torn on this one and are not sure what to believe as there are few ways at looking at this. Not wanting to upset any particular Android partner by using a device of another company, Google may have just used a mock up generic Android device for advertising purposes. Interestingly though, the company has rarely done that in the past, always opting to use an existing Nexus product instead, and considering the Nexus 5 is still very much out there, the company had one to use. However, there is something niggling us that we think points to this being a generic smartphone, which will displease a few Nexus enthusiasts we’re sure. The quality of the device is troubling, more importantly its design. This does not look a particularly attractive device, and sure, Nexus handsets have never been lookers, but this seems particularly bland. Of course, Google could be using a prototype in the image, but the fact the Nexus 5 launched late in 2013 says to us that the company will stick to a similar annual timeline from now on. We do hope we are wrong of course.


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