Beats Music gift card sale lowers 1-year subscription to $75

Beats Music dropped its price to just $99 for an annual membership, making it more affordable to listen to the premium subscription service. Now Target is making it even cheaper thanks to a price drop. Target is currently selling Beats Music Gift cards for 25 percent off, which lowers the cost of a $50 gift card to $37.50. Therefore, someone can spend $75 in cash and get $100 worth of Beats Music credit, which is exactly how much is needed for an annual subscription.

The deal is available online at Beats currently remains a US exclusive, so customers outside of the United States won’t be able to take advantage of the deal. However, this can be a way to save some money when purchasing gift cards for someone else. Target also dropped the price of the $25 gift card to $18.75.

Target’s promotion comes at an opportune time. Beats recently updated its Android app to support saving files to an SD card, view in Landscape, and improved the recommendations and listening features.



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