OnePlus delayed again as “flagship killer” keeps killing its own opportunities

OnePlus One
OnePlus One

OnePlus mastered the art of the hype machinel when the company used a series of online stunts that successfully raised awareness about its debut phone. However, the so-called “flagship killer” OnePlus One has had just as many stumbles leading up to the revelation that the phone has suffered yet another delay.

The OnePlus One had until this week been available only via contests and invites to purchase, but there were issues with manufacturing, and one unlucky contest winner was shipped an empty box. The phone was then delayed because of a potential security risk in the customized CyanogenMod software. Now a more embarrassing blunder has added an additional two weeks to the waiting period. .

OnePlus changed the CE logo font on the back of the One. The European Union has set guidelines for displaying device certification, and Oppo apparently didn’t realize that changing the font of the certification to match its own branding was a violation of those standards. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the mistake to an Irish blog and stated that the back of the device would be redesigned and then reshipped within 2 weeks.

While 2 weeks is not a long time to wait for a product to be delivered, the reason behind the delay is troubling. Startup or not, OnePlus making such a boneheaded error at a time when the company has already made so many missteps prior is likely unsettling to the people who were excited to consider purchasing the phone. OnePlus’ invitation system has caused the company to miss out on many sales, and telling potential buyers to skip the invite process by purchasing from OppoMart, which charges $100 more than standard retail price, doesn’t do much to aid its image. The OnePlus is widely reviewed as a good phone, but consumers won’t get to that see that for themselves any time soon if Oppo keeps facing these setbacks.


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