New Samsung Exynos is faster than Snapdragon 805


Those pesky benchmarks; they are meant to tell us which device is better/quicker but all they end up doing is making everything more confusing. A handset that blitzes benchmarks may be a poor performer in hand, while a blazingly quick day to day smartphone may look weak on benchmarks. Still, the industry (that includes us) still looks at benchmarks, which is why we are bringing you this next piece of news.

The new Snapdragon 805 from Qualcomm is the darling of the smartphone world, currently available in Korea as an exclusive, the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A. That will all change in the coming 6 months to one year as just about every flagship device hitting the market from Android and Windows will sport the chipset. However, according to the AnTuTu benchmark, Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chipset is much quicker (read better) than the Snapdragon 805. The new architecture from the Korean company has been given the codename “Helsinki Pro” and will arrive as a Galaxy Note variant (region specific alongside an 805 version) this fall. The Exynos 5433 octa-core chip scored 40,303 points in AnTuTu beating the Snapdragon 805 by 2,523 points, which is quite a lot. Sure, we could go on (you can check the source for more info), but the problem is we have seen all of this before. It is good for Samsung of course, the benchmarks show the company that it is at least on the right track with its latest and presumably greatest mobile chip. However, for the rest of us, we should not read too much into these results. Performance is all about how the device is in hand, and we doubt we will be seeing a Samsung device that is just clearly superior to anything with a Snapdragon 805.


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