Blackberry working on handset with dual cameras

Blackberry Kahn
Blackberry Kahn

Blackberry simply refuses to go quietly into the night and the Canadian brand is hoping to gain ground on the smartphone market with a device with dual cameras. Of course, HTC pointed the way with the One M8, the first flagship to sport dual cam for depth sensors, but Blackberry clearly likes the idea and will put its own spin on it.

The guys over at Crackberry have been poking their noses around the BlackBerry OS 10.3 files and found something interesting. They came across a design that we are familiar with, but it is now packing some new hardware and is getting a new model number. As you can see from the render above, the design of the handset in question is the same as the Blackberry collaboration with Porsche Design, the P’9982 or Blackberry King. However, the model found on the OS 10.3 files is codenamed Kahn (P’9983), or in other words it is the follow up to the original Porsche Design Blackberry King. The standout feature of the Kahn is the dual camera lenses on the rear, giving the device a layered camera ability that is good for all sorts of tricks and pre and post shot editing. Interestingly, there are some reports suggesting that this device will stay on the drawing board as Blackberry is more focused on other avenues. Certainly, the company is pushing its enterprise business at the moment, so any mainstream handsets we see from Blackberry will be functional and could even pack QWERTY boards. But the keyword is mainstream, and we suspect to see the Kahn arrive before the end of the year. Simply put, the original collaboration with Porsche, the P’9982 Blackberry King was not a mainstream device; it was a $2000+ stainless steel handset. It is feasible that Blackberry will stick with this collaboration because it is more of a side project than anything else. However, if the company is playing with this kind of tech, we think it would be better to put it in a mainstream handset to try to drive sales. On a niche device like the Porsche Design it could just get lost.


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