Android 4.4 KitKat increases market share in June

Android’s monthly user ship details have been released for the month of June and it seems that KitKat’s ascension is continuing. The Android version 4.4 and its various updates have flown under the KitKat banner, and for the most part the version of Google’s platform has done what it set out to do. That was get itself onto as many new and legacy devices as possible and try to make the Android ecosystem more uniform.

KitKat has done well during its ten months on release and it now accounts for 17.9% of all Android devices and is up from 13.6% at the end of May. That is a huge leap in just a month and KitKat’s rise will likely continue over the next months and even beyond the end of its life cycle. Version 4.4 will make way for Android L in the fall and the L release will take the foundation laid by KitKat to the next step by unifying the platform further.

However, despite Android KitKat’s undoubted gains in the market space, the version still lags behind old favourite Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and its variants. That OS still accounts for a whopping 56.50% of the market, which highlights the work Google still has to do in its bid to make Android less fragmented. That said, Jelly Bean’s dominance has shrunk by nearly 2% in the last month.

The success of Gingerbread will cause concern for Google. Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is several years old, but it still accounts for 13.5% of the Android user base. That is a statistic that enemies of Android will use to criticise the platform, and Google knows that it does not make for happy reading. That is why the company has made efforts to bring low end devices into the Android L fold with its Android One project.

Many of those low end non branded devices currently run Android Gingerbread and until Google can make newer versions accessible the older version will remain popular.


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