Blackberry Assistant arrives as Siri and Google Now competitor

Blackberry has launched its virtual voice assistant that has been built in the same vein as Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s newly launched Cortana.

Blackberry’s MO of recent years has to arrive fairly late to the party, whether that’s with software (BB10) or hardware (the Z10 and Q10). The result has been the company slipping from its pedestal to become an also run that now needs to focus on enterprise to stay alive.

The days of Blackberry making smartphones are increasingly numbered despite the continued output, but the company is still trying to keep up with the crowd regardless. Take Blackberry Assistant, a product that any other company would be giving the big reveal, but not Blackberry as the company has rolled it out with barely a murmur. Just a few months ago Microsoft released its own Siri and Google Now competitor Cortana with a huge launch, so why not Blackberry?

It is not that the software is not competent, Blackberry says Assistant will do most of the things that its competitors can, such as sending text messages, checking the weather, browsing and finding directions. In a way, the lack of general interest by Blackberry itself shows just how far down the ladder the company has fallen and its Assistant almost seems like an afterthought.

However, there is something to consider. The Canadian company formerly known as RIM has been more aggressive over the last year in terms of allowing other platforms to use its software. BBM has already found itself on Windows, iOS, and Android, so could Blackberry Assistant become a universal software too? We think that would be an idea worth exploring for the company as it continues to attempt to draw people back to its ecosystem.


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