You’ll want HP’s smart watch, but can you afford it?

Smart watches have been on the verge of exploding for the last two years, at least if you listen to analysts. However, the market has struggled to really take off and wrist wearable sales are still only counted in the hundreds of thousands instead of millions. Much of that failure to explode has been attributed to a lack of showbiz in the way smart watches look, but HP may have a remedy for that with its upcoming wearable.

The smart watch trend remains very much nascent because the devices so far have been bland and square. Sure, the fact they are merely smartphone accompaniments does not help, but Android Wear is addressing that; no the issue here is very much an aesthetic one. That is why Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 is hugely anticipated; because it look good, luxurious, and (seemingly quite important to the consumer) is round.

HP has now teamed up with US designer Michael Bastian and retailer Gilt to deliver a luxurious round face smart watch that on looks alone will transcend the wearable market. The render (main image) certainly shows a device with the aesthetic appeal to do just that as it looks high end and like a watch we may want, smart or not.

The device will trump most other smart watches (including the Moto 360) as it will work with either iOS and Android, so will not be tied down to a specific ecosystem. The wearable will pack the features we have come to expect from a smart watch, sticking close to your smartphone to deliver notifications for emails, calls, and messages, while also boasting controls for media and other apps.

The HP smart watch will be a 44mm stainless steel frame available in silver with brown strap, grey with black leather, silver with green nylon, and all black. Price details have not been revealed as yet, but we expect that the device will be of the eye wateringly expensive variety… so Moto 360 it is then.


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