Kogan’s Agora 4G arrives with Moto G baiting specs and price

Very good budget devices are becoming more common, but the market is still a growing one and when we think of the best affordable handsets a few select names spring to mind. Chief among those is Motorola’s Moto G smartphone, a handset that packs a bunch of cool specs, a nice price tag, and has recently had a bump to include LTE. However, Australian company Kogan reckons it can offer a better deal the Motorola with a similarly designed and spec’d smartphone.

The Kogan Agora 4G looks an awful lot like the Moto G, while it packs much of the same specs (such as a quad core processor), but bests the G in some aspects too. For a start, the Agora gets a 5-inch panel instead of a 4.5-inch screen on the Moto G, whether that is for the better or not depends on your preference. Elsewhere the handset gets an 8 megapixel rear camera and a larger 2,500mAh battery, while as the name suggests it ships with 4G LTE.

The Moto G costs around $270 (£199) for the LTE version (the original G is somewhat cheaper if you are willing to lose the 4G), but the Agora 4G can be yours with a bigger screen and LTE for $219 (£149). A good deal then for sure, but good enough to make you want to ignore the well-received Moto G?

We have used a previous Kogan device before, the Agora HD to be exact, and while it was a decent effort we found the take on Android a little muddy and the camera shaky. We do not expect that those aspects have been improved for the 4G, but more than that we doubt many would risk losing Motorola’s close ties to Android and the obvious advantages of using a device made by a major brand.

Sure, that makes us a little sad as we would love to see smaller brands get more coverage, but ultimately the Moto G is still the best bet for a budget smartphone.


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