Sony, Xperia Z3 and beyond

The unknown tablet and SmartWatch

Sony suffered a catastrophic leak last week when its upcoming Xperia Z3 smartphone flagship was entirely laid bare by a regulatory body. The specs, dimensions, and design of the device were completely exposed, leaving the company with an IFA launch event that would now be a little de ja vu like. However, perhaps the Japanese company has a few more surprises up its sleeve, so here?s the IFA rumour roundup for Sony.

Xperia Z3

We will start with the Xperia Z3, although this is more of a confirmation than it is a rumour collection. The device is landing at IFA next week and it will be only an incremental improvement over the current Xperia Z2 flagship in terms of design and specs. However, Sony has done enough by the looks of it to keep its core range up to speed with current flagships while the company waits for next year and a more dramatic overhaul with the Xperia Z4.

Xperia Z3 variations

The Z3 proper may be totally out in the open, but there is still plenty to discuss regarding Sony’s Xperia flagship variants. There could be a few of them too, including a rumoured Xperia Z3 Compact, a sequel to the Z2 Compact and another flagship bothering small screen device. While no Z2 Compact has ever been released, Sony has been known to skip model numbers, but either way, we are expecting this to be launched at IFA next week.

An outside possibility is an Xperia Z3 phablet, the Z3 X, a handset that would crank up screen size but would probably maintain the general specs from the flagship handset. This is far more unlikely for next week as some reports point to Sony releasing an even higher spec’d large screen phone nearer the end of the year.

There is also a very strong possibility that two new slates will be launched by the Japanese company, and if they do not land at IFA they are not far away. The Xperia Z3 Tablet will be the sequel to the very good Xperia Z2 Tablet and would lead Sony’s slates as a flagship. However, rumours recently have also said that the company is working on an Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, a device that will follow the ethos of the smartphone Compact by keeping the specs from the flagship but toning down the screen size. This would be Sony’s first true small form factor slate, and it got more real today as Sony posted an image on Facebook showing a small slate being used in a pool.

New SmartWatch Also showing up in that tablet image (you can check it out above) was what looks to be a new wearable. Of course, Sony was one of the first to the wearable party and is the company that can actually call its device the SmartWatch. The SmartWatch 2 was released during the summer of 2013, so it is very much in need of an update, especially with rival companies now entering the market left, right, and center. An announcement about this at IFA in Berlin would not come as a shock.


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