China planning its own mobile platform

China wants to take the fight to Android
China wants to take the fight to Android

Just about every brand wants to make it big in China, except for the Chinese ones who are big there and want to have success everywhere else. Every company from Microsoft to Apple and from Sony to Samsung wants to crack the Chinese market because the rewards are astronomical. This goes for Mobile platforms too, with Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) dominating the scene in China, especially the latter.

Even Microsoft sees China has a huge potentially huge market for its struggling Windows Phone, and we were thinking today that China is constantly being invaded. Clearly tired of having its market descended upon by a slew of Android devices, the country is planning its own mobile software, and is even planning a PC software to rival Windows. It is believed that the mobile platform will be ready for launch within 3 to 5 years and the project comprises 13 software companies with 80 research units all committed to giving China its own platform competitor. The country has not said whether it will make the platform available outside of China, but for some reason we doubt it. So, should Android and iOS be worried? We think so because history has proven that Chinese people buy a lot of Chinese smartphones and tablets. If those products have the Chinese OS as opposed to say Android, Google?s growth in the country will be stifled. Ni Guangnan from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who has been developing the software said: “At present, China’s mobile operating system developers include more than a dozen companies, but they cannot be said to be based on independent intellectual property rights, using Android customisation,” Ni Guangnan said. “You must change the past approach, instead of copying the previous model integrate the resources accumulated in the past with a state-run unified operating system.”


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