Blackberry Blend makes BB10 larger… and more

Blackberry is expanding its software with Blackberry Blend, a new feature that will allow a user to connect their device to a larger screen. Sure, you are probably already thinking that smartphones can already do this, but Blackberry Blend is different to other similar features in that it adapts to the extra screen real estate and offers a different interface. Blackberry is saying this will allow the user to get more out of their device.

Some of the things Blackberry Blend will do are: Interact (respond/view) with messages and chats from different accounts in the BlackBerry Hub. Access BBM chats, groups and BBM Channels Access text messaging features (SMS). See daily, weekly or monthly agendas; ability to create new calendar entries. Copy and transfer files between a BlackBerry device and computer or tablet. Open a browser to view private information from an organization’s intranet (if you?re using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10). Backup and restore, copy media files. This really looks to be a robust feature from the Canadian company, and of course it is easy to see how this would appeal to business and enterprise, Blackberry’s core source of income right now. We will be interested to play with this and see how the BB10 experience translates to the big screen.


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