Verizon to update the HTC One M8 to Android 4.4.3 Sept 10th

The HTC One M8 has been getting the bump to Android 4.4.3 over the last month, with handset variants all over the world receiving the update. In The US AT&T, T-Mobile , and Sprint have sorted out their updates, but in typical fashion Verizon is running late to the party. Big Red inexplicably delayed the roll out last month, but has now at least confirmed that Android 4.4.3 will arrive on its HTC One M8 variant on September 10th (tomorrow).

Verizon has not gone into specifics, but we suspect it is more or less the same core update we have seen from other carriers. The update will be available over the air from tomorrow and (as confirmed by Verizon) will give HTC’s metal clad flagship a boost in battery life. As with other carrier versions, this may not carry the Android 4.4.4 proper name, but it will have most (read all) of the features and updates in that new build. The bump from Android 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 includes: Mm-qcamera-daemon crash and optimization fixes Camera focus in regular and HDR modes fixes Power Manager Display wakelock fix Multiple Bluetooth fixes Fix for a random reboot App shortcuts sometimes got removed from launcher after update USB debugging security fix App shortcuts security fix Wi-Fi auto-connect fix Other camera fixes MMS, Email/Exchange, Calendar, People/Dialer/Contacts, DSP, IPv6, VPN fixes Stuck in activation screen fix Missed call LED fix Subtitle fixes Data usage graph fix Internet telephony fix FCC compliance fix Miscellaneous fixes HTC has also made its own software enhancements, but Verizon has yet to release a specific changelog for its One M8 variant.


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