Microsoft to ditch Nokia branding

Microsoft’s recent history with Nokia has been a fruitful one; it helped to put Windows Phone on the map and Nokia had such success on the platform that Microsoft bought the Finnish company’s devices division. Since then Redmond has been churning out its own smartphones with the Nokia Lumia branding, but it seems Microsoft is now willing to let go of Nokia altogether.

According to reports today, Microsoft is going to get rid of the Nokia name and just keep the Lumia part, while Windows Phone may be reduced to just Windows. We can see the reason for both of these moves, but I personally think Microsoft is underestimating Nokia’s market cache. The company has already decided to stop selling Nokia feature phones within 18 months, a wise financial decision maybe, but something that loses Nokia’s core and also its foundation of sales. Microsoft is ripping the guts out of the company that was once the biggest player of them all. It is not Redmond’s fault, times change and no matter how nostalgic I get the old Nokia is dead, and in the future it will be Microsoft Lumia with no sign of the company that made it possible. As for the decision to make Windows Phone merely Windows in the future, that makes utter sense as it would unify the ecosystem and hopefully solve any Windows RT/Phone fragmentation. The recently launched Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 will apparently be the last to carry the Nokia name, so for the time being at least we can wave goodbye to one of the giants of the industry. However, there are silver linings on this cloud because it means the real Nokia, the part that Microsoft left behind, can one day get back to making smartphones. Microsoft leased a license for the Lumia brand, and under the terms of the buyout Nokia cannot make new smartphones until 2016. However, when that time comes, the Finnish giant will be able to rise from the ashes and carry on making devices, and will not risk getting mixed up with Microsoft anymore. That may all seem a fantasy, but it makes plenty of sense for Nokia to get back into the smartphone game eventually. The company could also land in other categories too, while its services and apps are already winning plaudits. An Android based Nokia in 2016 anyone?


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