LG to use its Odin chip in the G Pro 3

LG hit its flagship stride with the G3 that was released a few months ago, but the company has been building solidly to the point of having arguably the best handset available for about two years. The company’s streak started to take shape with the original G Pro back in 2013 and was followed by the G2 then the G Pro 2 and ultimately of course the G3. Now the phablet range that got it all started is going to kick things up a notch again, with reports that the upcoming G Pro 3 will be a beast of a smartphone.

Hardly a surprise there, but now that LG is getting things right with its flagship devices in almost all respects, this is one of the most anticipated handsets of 2015. It will land during the first quarter of the year and will be the phablet powerhouse next to the flagship G3. However, LG has decided to follow some of its big rivals and will use its own chipset in the G Pro 3 instead of a Qualcomm sourced one. The G3 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, so if LG stuck with the company it could put an 805 or even the 64-bit (as yet un-released) 810 into the G Pro 3. Instead though the Korean giant has decided to follow the likes of Apple, Huawei, and Samsung and will use one of its own processers. This chip is known as the LG Odin and will be manufactured by TSMC and is thought to be a 64-bit processer, it would be LG’s first chip. Sources in Korea suggest that the chip is being readied and will be available for use in early 2015, which tallies up nicely to the probable launch window of the G Pro 3. LG has typically launched its phablet flagship at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona and will likely stick with that cycle in 2015 when the event takes place in February. We reached out to LG to ask if it planned to place its own chipset into the G Pro 3 but the company has yet to respond. Perhaps the brand will do similar to Korean rival Samsung and do two variants of the same device (region depending), one with a home sourced chip and the other with a Qualcomm Snapdragon.


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