Eric Schmidt still uses Blackberry

What Blackberry is Schmidt rocking?
What Blackberry is Schmidt rocking?
The Blackberry revival is in full swing in case you did not know. The Passport is bringing the company some much needed heat and is selling well to boot. Google CEO Eric Schmidt still uses his Blackberry he confessed, while he also briefly explained why the company got into trouble and seemed to commend Blackberry CEO John Chen for the way he is trying to right the ship.

Speaking to Montreal Gazette in Canada where the Google CEO is promoting his book, he said the following:

CP: What?s your current smartphone? Schmidt: Motorola Razr X. As you know, Motorola is in the process of being sold to Lenovo but this is in fact the phone that I use. CP: You were a noted BlackBerry user, what made you switch? Schmidt: Well, I need to carry this. I still like BlackBerry’s but I’m afraid they missed a set of transitions that were very important and the new CEO is trying very hard to recover. But the fact of the matter is that Android and iPhone are driving the market now.

Later, at a talking event with the Empire Club of Canada, Schmidt confessed he still does carry a BlackBerry in addition to his Motorola phone. Firstly, saying “hey, Eric Schmidt has one” is hardly a ringing endorsement for buying a Blackberry, but it goes to show that for business minded people the company is still relevant. As for the Motorola Razor X, I have no idea what he means but talking Schmidt really does come to mind. He has been spotted numerous times with a Moto X, so he must mean that. source: Montreal Gazette


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