HTC has a Desire EYE in the works, here it is

Desire EYE
Desire EYE
This article is based on rumor and contains speculation.I doubted, the tech media community doubted, hell perhaps everyone doubted, but HTC has done the right thing with its upcoming handset. You may remember the One M8 EYE that will be launching next week, a device that was reported to be a variant of the company’s flagship device. As it turns out the EYE is actually an entirely new smartphone that will be a part of its Desire range.

When it was the One M8 EYE, the smartphone felt just a little bit like a rip off because it maintained the look and specs of the flagship, but merely traded the 4MP UltraPixel dual lens for a 13 megapixel dual lens snapper. I argued that this device would be utterly pointless unless HTC delivered something of differentiator or managed to pull a surprise. It turns out the Taiwanese company has done the former. However, there is one more twist in the tale… is this there only one EYE device or will HTC also show off the One M8 EYE too at its press event in New York on October 8th.

The upcoming Desire EYE has leaked courtesy of new leaking scamp @Upleaks and this is an entirely new device in terms of looks. Yes, HTC’s distinct design language is present, but this is an individual look and once again HTC seems to have delivered an aesthetic winner. This will also be one highly spec’d Desire device, a line of handsets that HTC uses for lower end smartphones too. The Desire EYE is rumoured to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.3GHz with 2GB of RAM, a 5.2-inch HD display, 32GB of storage, and a removable 2,400mAh battery. Considering the Desire series rarely passes mid-range, I would be surprised if these blazing specs hold true, but I will be waiting to see if HTC delivers the Desire EYE next week.

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