Samsung’s New Galaxy E Budget Series


We know full well that Samsung is not averse to releasing a new smartphone series and the company will continue with another new line imminent. So much for the company changing its strategy for a less is more policy in the wake of declining profits. The company has released the Galaxy Alpha, the Note 4, and the A Series recently, but a new range is on the way with the model numbers SM-E700 and SM-E500.

Going on Samsung’s previous model numbers, we deduce that the handsets will be called the Galaxy E5 and the Galaxy E7, but we won’t bet the bank on that. As you would expect, there are already some spec rumors surrounding these handsets and it seems they will be Samsung’s new budget to mid-range level devices. The Galaxy E7 will reportedly have a 5.5-inch 720p resolution screen and an unnamed processor clocked at 1.5GHz. The Galaxy E5 will be smaller at 5-inches and is likely to rock a less powerful 1.2GHz chipset. There is no word on when these devices will be ready, but I am assuming an early 2015 launch and roll out, and it will be interesting to see how Samsung handles the design. It would be good to see the metal and premium design of the A series here, but at lower prices that seems more unlikely. What do you think, is Samsung going down the same old paths, or could the Galaxy E series continue to point to a new direction?



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