Game of Thrones Games Lands on Android


When the Game of Thrones game from Telltale landed on iOS last week it reminded us that Apple’s platform still gets some big titles before Android. Luckily, we have not had to wait too long as those using Google’s operating system will be able to clash swords on Game of Thrones soon as the app is now available for your downloading pleasure on Google Play.

The game based off the books (and TV show) created by George R. R. Martin and HBO has been created by Telltale games. Telltale has a reputation for making excellent adaptations of famous titles, doing stellar work with such classics as the Walking Dead and Jurassic Park. The games are typically heavily story based and offer a new story to the canon, while admittedly gameplay is at a minimum and reserved to swipes and puzzles, the games are usually absorbing. The company usually waits months to port its games to Android, but this time is seems the developer has planned ahead as the Game of Thrones is landing in Google’s app shop quickly. Although the company never officially announced that this game/story would ever make its way to Android, we just sort of assumed it would. The game is as much interactive episode as it is full on gaming adventure. You play as five characters for the GOT universe and your actions and choices can lead to multiple scenarios within the story and outcome of the game. The game is priced the same as other Telltale titles on Android, meaning you can get the first episode and any subsequent ones for $4.99, or you buy all episodes (some still unreleased) for $19.99.


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