Android M to be built into Cars

Wait a minute, hasn’t Android Lollipop only just been released, as in one month ago? You know how the mobile world moves, always moving and always looking to the next thing, which is why there is little surprise that we are already getting our first rumor regarding Android M (Android M&M anyone?). It may seem silly, but thinking about it logically, Android 4.4 KitKat launched in November 2013 and six months later at its I/O event Google announced Lollipop.

So, this rumor then. It seems that Google wants to take its Android platform one step further and actually have it integrated into cars. Android Auto is the first step towards that, the software launches next year and let you hook up your smartphone or tablet to a built in screen in a car. Android M (Mars Bar?) will go one step further and will actually be able to be placed within the dashboard of the car, essentially controlling all the software in the vehicle. This process will mean there will be no need for a smartphone or tablet pairing. Reuters is reporting that the digital car engine will be built into Android M (Meat Loaf?) and will become a full operating system for cars, as well as mobile devices. Of course Apple has its own similar plans in this regard with its CarPlay technology. Google already has deals with General Motors, Nissan, and Hyundai, but Apple has more manufacturers on its side. A major hurdle will be how to make Android start quickly when the car ignition is activated.



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