Instagram’s Layout app launches on iOS, Android version coming soon

Instagram's Layout app launches on iOS, Android version coming soon
Instagram today announced the launch of a brand new standalone app called Layout. This enables users to create customized photo collages (or layouts) from the images in their camera roll.

Up to 9 photos can be combined in a layout, and, according to Instagram, the new app’s “smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control.” You can flip and rotate photos, rearrange them, or resize them individually. Moreover, there’s a Photo Boot option that lets you capture spontaneous shots which will be instantly included in a collage.

Layout is currently available on iOS as a free application (see the second source link below). Instagram says that it will launch the app on Android sometime soon (“in the coming months”, to be precise).

Layout is not the first standalone app released by Instagram since the company’s been acquired by Facebook in 2012. Another app, which is exclusively available on iOS as of last year, is Hyperlapse (this lets you easily create and share time lapse videos).

Thus far, iOS users seem to really like Layout. Have you tried the app?


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