BlackBerry Venice will run Android and be made with Samsung?


BlackBerry used to be something of a closed shop, but during trying times the company has learned to play with others and has released its services on other platforms. How far is the Canadian brand willing to push this cross platform ethos? Pretty far it seems, at least according to Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger.

Before going further we should not that Murtazin has a patchy history with this stuff, sometimes he is spot on and hits a home run, other times he swings wildly and lands on his ass. However, his latest offering is surely interesting and concludes that the BlackBerry Venice is actually going to run the Android platform. We have seen the BlackBerry Venice was first at MWC at the start of March, a touchscreen handset with a slide down QWERTY keyboard. At MWC the device was shown running BlackBerry’s own BB10 software, but Murtazin seems to think he has an inside track to something more exciting. What?s more, he is even saying that Samsung is co-developing the Venice with BlackBerry. Samsung and BlackBerry have certainly been working on something, but until now it was thought to be software based. Could we really be seeing a Samsung made BlackBerry smartphone that runs Android and features software and features from both companies? We are pretty doubtful at this point, but you should certainly watch this space.


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