5 things that would’ve made the Moto X Style better

Yesterday, Motorola announced three new smartphones – the entry-level, bang-for-the-buck Moto G, the midrange Moto X Play, and its 2015 flagship – the Moto X Style. In typical Motorola spirit, all three handsets rock near-stock Android 5.1.1 and are quite aggressively priced – the Moto G’s price-tag hovers around the $200 mark, depending on storage choice, while the Moto X Play and Moto X Style are expected to respectively cost around $300 and $400 once they hit the store shelves.

Now, in order to get to a lower price point, it is only natural that corners need to be cut. And while the Moto X Style certainly looks like an accomplished flagship by itself, comparing it to the more expensive representatives of the competition, we could see some things that are lacking. So, let’s check out the 5 things that would’ve made the Moto X Style better.

Read more at http://www.phonearena.com/news/5-things-that-wouldve-made-the-Moto-X-Style-better_id72083#io4S8Hy1kVbuKfb8.99


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