Claimed Huawei Mate 8 live picture leaks, flaunts a round finger scanner

Huawei will likely hold its grand Mate 8 unveiling on November 26th, and will eventually use the occasion to showcase the homebrew Kirin 950 chipset that will power it, too.

The rumored specs so far, besides the Kirin 950 SoC, are a Quad HD display resolution, and a 20 MP camera on the back. All valid upgrades over its predecessor, the Mate7, which had a 1080p display and a 13 MP shooter.

The real kicker might be in the Mate 8 design, though – the Mate7 is one pretty metal-clad giant, and the Mate 8 is expected to be one, too. In fact, judging from this leaked prototype wrapped in a mule case you see below, the Mate 8 could arrive with a metal chassis, too, and have a round finger scanner on the back, matching the camera lens shape. 🙂



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