BlackBerry Priv Apps Updated through Google Play Store

BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry has issued an update for unlocked and AT&T versions of the Android running Priv flagship smartphone. The update allowed the Canadian company to enhance some of its apps in the Google Play Store, while the new software also squashes some bugs and improves the general performance and stability of the Priv for those who own it.

BlackBerry Calendar and BlackBerry Launcher are getting security enhancements and bug fixes, while the BlackBerry Camera app gets widescreen (16:9) support for images. The camera app now also performs more smoothly, and there is now an indicator for HDR in low lights as well as bringing bug fixes and added stability. The virtual keyboard has received twenty new languages, Ukrainian and Belarussian among them, while Emoji prediction are included and cursor sensitivity is improved. The security apps DTEK allows the user to turn all apps on at once or notification by equipment can be selected. BlackBerry Services now puts WhatsApp notification in the Hub. The updates can be had via the Google Play Store by heading to the store and seeing My Apps, allowing you to get the new enhancements without the need of a major system update. Voila.


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