Huawei: we can be bigger than Apple or Samsung in two years


Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu, has stated that the Chinese smartphone brand can overtake either Samsung or Apple by the end of 2018.

Speaking at CES 2016, said that the company is currently the third biggest manufacturer in the world at the moment, running behind Apple and Samsung, largely due to the proliferation of lower-cost smartphones in emerging nations.

However, the CEO now believes that the company is capable of taking second place after posting a 70% increase in revenue year on year.

Whether he believes that Huawei can be a bigger manufacturer than Samsung or Apple wasn’t clear – but it’s likely that Apple is going to be the one that’s vulnerable in Yu’s eyes.

The CEO also proudly proclaimed that Huawei now has 76% brand awareness, where people can recognise which brand they’re looking at – up from 3% in 2011. However, he didn’t say whether people were able to pronounce the name…

Cooler and faster

The claim was made at Huawei’s CES press conference, which wasn’t without its jabs at the rest of the industry. There was a thinly-veiled attack on the Snapdragon 810 chip from Qualcomm, which has reportedly struggled with overheating at high power in the last year.

The new Huawei Kirin chip, powering the Mate 8, is dubbed ‘cool and fast’ – and apparently more powerful than both Huawei’s and Samsung’s S6 chip.


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