Vaio’s Phone Biz to Test Windows 10’s Reception in Asia


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Vaio on Wednesday announced Phone Biz, a Windows 10 mobile phone.

The device doesn’t have a SIM, leaving users free to select their own carriers.

The Phone Biz lets users easily access corporate apps, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange, as well as the Azure cloud, according to Vaio.

The OS is synced with the latest version of Windows 10. Users can manage settings from the same Microsoft account as their PCs.

The Phone Biz incorporates Microsoft’s Continuum feature, which lets users connect phones to TVs or monitors, if they want to work on a larger screen.

The Phone Biz supports single sign-on and connection speeds of up to 225 Mbps.

The position and size of tiles are customizable, and the phone comes with the Cortana digital assistant.

The phone can use encryption or a virtual private network. It includes built-in GPS and supports remote data erase and remote locking.

Admins can change users’ access to apps and data remotely.

The Phone Biz will be available on NTT DoCoMo’s network. It reportedly will begin selling in Japan in April for about US$430.


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